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CSI Activities and Programs

CSI Freedom Exchange Project

The Freedom Exchange Project is an initiative spearheaded by Conflict Solutions International. It involves petitions to the U.S. and Cuban governments for the release of certain political prisoners as a humanitarian gesture. The project objective is to allow for the freedom of many individuals, improve U.S.- Cuba relations and draw international attention to the complex relationship that exists between the two countries. The Freedom Exchange Project has been created to provide a conflict resolution platform that avoids the political and legal implications that come with prisoner exchanges. Both the U.S. and Cuba maintain that all of their current prisoners are common prisoners. Neither country admits to having political prisoners. Conflict Solutions International takes no position on the legal issues surrounding the cases. It only advocates for the release of the prisoners as a benevolent, reciprocal expression of good will. Join the coalition now at CSI Freedom Exchange Project!

CSI Speakers Events

Our speakers programs are events open to the public, featuring a panel of acclaimed subject experts intended to initiate discussion and awareness. We select subject areas ranging from political independence groups, religious movements and civil conflict. CSI has held many events, on topics such as the conflict in Somalia, the Burmese government in exile, and the Nagalim in India. Please join us at an upcoming event!

CSI Meetups

Meetups are informal discussions held in places such as cafes and other public venues, for the purpose of encouraging public participation in the debate over issues relating to international affairs, conflict resolution and human rights. So far, 13 meetups have been held on topics such as: Somalia; President Obama’s Foreign Policy; Peace prospects in the Middle East; Iran: Time for Change and The Russian Federation. We have our MeetUp group in Washington, D.C.; and are starting a new group in London.

CSI Blog

CSI runs an interactive blog which encourages the participation of the public. Articles have been published on the blog on the following topics:
Anniversary of a Revolution: Perspectives ion Iran; Islraeli conflict in Gaza; Lawlessness in Mexico, Conflict in Film; Modern Day Piracy; The Threat from Iran and Pakistan; The Cuban Embargo; Crossing Pakistani Borders; Georgia and the “New Cold War”; Updates from Nagaland, and White South African Farmers.